Climate Controlled Storage Units Save from Summer Heat

The intense heat of summer affects everything it touches, from people to objects to nature, which is why people actively engage in staying cool in the summer by swimming and staying indoors in the air conditioning. Objects aren’t adaptable to the heat and often times the sun can cause irreversible damage. If you are storing items in a garage, basement or attic, care must be taken to ensure heat damage does not occur. Climate controlled storage units are built for exactly such purposes and help tenants store their temperature-sensitive belongings in a controlled environment to minimize or eliminate possible damage due to temperature.

Items that are impacted by heat include antiques, musical instruments, paintings, and photographs to name a few. If you are storing items like these, it is important that they are stored in climate controlled units. The heat can de-tune instruments, cause cracks in the wood and overall wear it down. A wooden clarinet or an oboe, for example, are extremely sensitive to the heat and could easily split under the heated pressure. Paint melts from heat so art made of paint and other sensitive material could melt away in non-climate-controlled storage. Similarly, the cold weather in the wintertime could also cause damage to the structural integrity of items, especially musical instruments. Detuning of instruments would be the least of someone’s worries when putting them in units that are not climate controlled.

If you are unsure if your items need to be placed in climate controlled storage in Templeton, California, you should contact our manager on site who would be more than happy to help you. They have the knowledge and experience to help assess the items in question and give the proper suggestion as to if a climate-controlled unit is suggested. It is always better safe than sorry because belongings that are damaged from heat and cool temperatures are often irreversible.

Here at Abby’s Self Storage, we offer climate controlled units in the sizes of 5×5, 5×10, 10×10, and 10×20 unit and they are perfect to store all your temperature-delicate belongings. Staff is friendly and helpful, and Abby’s Self Storage offers all important amenities needed for safe and secure storage. Call Abby’s Self Storage today for more information at (805) 434-9000. Or visit the website at (


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